Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"what are we going to do?"

"...all of us... we're falling apart!"

this is what my sweet sister-in-law lindsey asked me tonight after she spent over an hour trying to calm her one-month-old baby boy. calvin is her first baby, and she is very much "in the trenches."

but so am i. and she was referring to both of us. even though jason and i have done the whole "baby thing" twice before, the fact that we're doing it with two at the same time now, changes things. and let's face it, do the newborn/baby's-first-year (or five) days ever reeeeally get easy? or even "un-hard?" 

(in case you're unsure of the answer to either of those questions and still mulling it over, i can tell you the answer is "no. no the most absolutely do not." babies are just hard. whether it's your first, second or fourth-with-a-twin.")

we've had a particularly rough past few weeks with our kids. sickness that just won't leave, sleepless nights, chaos. all of the things that make parenting hard. and because i'm still in the thick of "the hard," but past this stage with my older two girls (who are 8 & 4), i felt like i could answer this question. 

after a particularly hard day, i called a friend who has kids a stage or two ahead my children, and she's also got four kiddos, so when she says she understands, she's telling the truth. she is so good at putting things into perspective and helping me look at the big picture; to when things aren't this hard anymore. 

and that, coupled with some things that have been on my heart lately as the twins get closer and closer to their first birthday, helped me from these words to express to lindsey. she told me to share them on my blog, so i am... i'll probably need to retread them someday soon (tomorrow), anyway. 


what we're going to do is this:

we will survive.

this part is really exhausting and draining and seems like forever, but we will get through it. and then one day, we'll be done with this stage, and they won't be babies anymore. they'll be 2. just like that. because "the days are long, but the years are short." and then, we'll say, "remember when they were babies? so tiny? i miss that... i want that back!" 

and then we'll have big kids. and then teenagers. and they'll have so much fun growing up together. and then, just like that they'll be all grown up, and have grown up problems and grown up hurts. and we'll wish with everything in us they'd let us hold them when they cried, like they did when they were babies. 

i'm so "done" [with the "hardness" of this stage], too. but sometimes, only because i'm on the other side with emma and (almost) rylie, i see how fast it goes. i'm actually freaking out a bit because i feel like the twins' baby days are coming to an end so fast. like this time is closing in on me. and so soon, it'll be gone. just gone. and as tired as i am, that makes me so so sad because i'll never get it again. 

it's SO hard to believe now because it SUCKS, but i just tell myself, "someday. someday i'll miss THIS." and then try to, like, breathe in their skin or hair or something to make me feel a little more fondly toward the thing that has been screaming in my arms for the last hour. :)


if you're a new momma, hang in there. it DOES get better. your feelings are valid, and mostly normal. :) find a momma who can walk with you, through it. that's the way we mommas should be. it's the only way i (or my kids, somedays) have survived: knowing that not only am i not alone, but someone else has done this, i'm not a bad mom AND someone is praying for me and my family. :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

baby talk.

this invitation was made for a friend of mine who loved a very similar tiny prints invitation, but could not afford it. so i took elements of the tiny prints invite and created one for her. :)

it's super fun, don't you think??

i'm sure this is a baby shower that even guys would love to go to. :)

jane austen bridal shower.

i am so excited about this invitation. i designed it for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. she adores jane austen, and especially pride & prejudice, so as her matron of honor, i just had to make sure her shower was themed as such. :)

this invitation can be customized to fit your shower perfectly. peach & blue is also available.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

sprinkles on top :: party pretties.

i've finally finished all the fun elements for sweet baby landri's baby sprinkle. i'm so glad wendi asked me to do these! i've had so much fun. i love the colors, the chevron stripes and the sweet ice cream cone theme. :)

sweet cupcake toppers & party rounds:

tent cards for food

foldover favor tags

this printable collection is customizable and available for purchase (along with the matching invitation & save-the-date). while it was created for a baby sprinkle, it would be super cute as a birthday party or bridle shower theme, also, don't you think?? :)

i would be more than happy to create additional custom pieces to go along with this collection, as well. if you are interested in purchasing this collection, or individual pieces from it, you may contact me at {keep in mind that the colors aren't nearly as vibrant in the format i have to use to post them on the blog... everything is so much more bright and beautiful in person.} :)

i can't wait to see pictures of wendi's baby sprinkle! hope they have lots of sweet fun celebrating baby landri! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

with sprinkles on top :: invite.

i am having so much fun creating this collection for my friend, wendi in celebration of sweet baby landri. :)

she specifically wanted to include a pink & white chevron, girlie brights like pink, turquoise, lime & sunshine, with touches of sophisticated black. and, of course, the ice cream "with sprinkles on top" theme! i just love the way everything is coming together. {too bad the jpeg file i had to use to upload this image just doesn't do the colors any justice!}

included in the "party pretties" will be: cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, food label tent-cards, favor signs & favor tags, and an oh-so-fun banner to decorate the party place.

it's going to be precious, so stay tuned! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

with sprinkles on top.

a college friend of mine is expecting her third baby, a sweet little girl named landri.

since there's not a whole lot they need in the baby gear department, they are celebrating with a baby "sprinkle," instead of a full-blown shower.

she asked me to create a save-the-date, invite & matching party pretties for the event.

this is the save the date. :)

i've had so much fun creating this little package... LOVE the ice cream with sprinkles theme! i'm hoping to get some pictures of all the little paper pretties in action at the party!

stay tuned for more from this "sprinkles on top" collection... would be precious for a birthday party, too! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

rylie is TWO.

rylie elizabeth is a "big" 2-year-old now! we had a blast celebrating her birthday a couple weekends ago.

this was her super fun invitation. i'm proud of how it turned out.

i made everything (including the elmo & sesame street sign images) in microsoft word, because i have yet to learn how to use photoshop. i really need to do that, because i know it would cut down on my time and frustration! :)

there are some little things i'd change, but i think it's really cute, and the best part is, rylie got so excited each time she saw this invitation or the other party pieces i created. she'd start squealing, "mo-mo!!" which is 2-year-old for "elmo!!" :)

i'll post more pics of her party creations soon. right now, i need to call it a day so i can rest up for our big 4th of july trip to the zoo tomorrow! :)

happy fourth!